Venture into the world of Walther with Advanced Arms, your exclusive provider of this iconic global brand. For over 135 years, Walther has been at the forefront of firearms industry innovation. Advanced Arms takes immense pride in highlighting an extensive range of Walther’s meticulously crafted firearms, spanning from the realms of sporting, to defense. Each Walther firearm promises peerless quality and performance, suitable for both seasoned professionals and firearm aficionados. Explore our handpicked Walther collection and witness the exceptional standards this brand consistently represents. Begin your Advanced Arms and Walther expedition now.

Walther Firearm Range

Walther, a beacon of excellence in the firearm sector, introduces a broad selection of superior guns.


While Walther is famed for various weaponry, their pistols, like the Walther PPK, Walther PPQ, and Walther PPQ M2, epitomize the perfect fusion of historic ingenuity and modern-day performance. Each pistol crafted under this esteemed brand reflects intricate craftsmanship and unparalleled reliability.


Dive into the legacy of innovation with Walther semi-automatics. Rooted in history since Carl Walther and Fritz’s pioneering creation in 1886, these firearms represent the pinnacle of advancement and precision.

Walther’s Heritage and Craftsmanship

With a legacy spanning over 130 years, Walther’s name is synonymous with undying quality, groundbreaking design, and top-tier performance. Walther’s reputation is bolstered by its unique blend of deep-rooted craftsmanship and continuous innovation. Every firearm from Walther’s domain isn’t just an instrument—it’s a narrative of history, echoing the unwavering vision of its founders and highlighting modern capabilities.

Choosing Your Perfect Walther Firearm

The quest for the ideal firearm is profound and deeply personal. Let the experts at Advanced Arms guide you through this journey. By understanding your distinct desires, preferences, and expertise, we’ll aid you in navigating our comprehensive Walther assortment.

Firearm Maintenance and Care

To ensure the unparalleled condition and functionality of your Walther firearm, consistent care and maintenance are indispensable. Advanced Arms offers an array of cleaning tools and accessories specifically tailored for your firearm’s upkeep. Furthermore, our experienced team is always on standby to provide insights on everything, from cleaning techniques to the best storage methods for your prized Walther piece.