Dive deep into the unparalleled tradition of Nighthawk Custom, presented to you by Advanced Arms, your trusted purveyor of the finest firearms. Nighthawk Custom, established in 2004, embodies the passion for the 1911 platform and proudly stands as the beacon for the World’s Finest 1911 Pistols. From its original two hallmark models, the GRP and Talon, Nighthawk has broadened its horizon to include nearly 50 unique, custom-made versions of the 1911. Advanced Arms is honored to showcase this prodigious range, epitomizing the synthesis of classic design and modern innovation. Journey with us into the world of Nighthawk and understand the craftsmanship that defines an unparalleled shooting experience. Embark on your Advanced Arms and Nighthawk adventure today.

Nighthawk Custom’s Array of Firearms

Nighthawk Custom, a luminous name in firearms, brings forth an impressive collection of 1911 pistols, Korth revolvers, and exclusive Cosmi SRL shotguns.

1911 Pistols

Nighthawk Custom 1911s are the zenith of precision and artisanship. Each pistol, assembled from start to end by a singular master gunsmith, stands as an individual masterpiece, handcrafted using fully machined bar stock billet steel parts. The result? A firearm that not only performs impeccably but also embodies a legacy.

Korth Revolvers

As the exclusive U.S. importer of Korth revolvers since 2016, Nighthawk Custom presents revolvers known globally for unmatched quality. Crafted in collaboration with Korth-Waffen of Germany, each revolver is a testament to world-class design and performance.

Cosmi SRL Shotguns

Experience Italian grandeur with Nighthawk Custom’s exclusive collection of Cosmi SRL shotguns. Boasting over 100 hand-fit components, these luxury semi-automatic shotguns are a confluence of art and functionality, truly representing Italian design at its peak.

Nighthawk Custom’s Dedication and Pioneering Spirit

Since its inception in 2004, Nighthawk Custom relentlessly pursues perfection in every firearm. Their “ONE GUN, ONE GUNSMITH” ethos, where each pistol is the culmination of a single gunsmith’s artistry, stands as a testament to their dedication. Such meticulous attention ensures that every Nighthawk firearm is not just a tool but a piece of heritage, crafted to endure and be passed down through generations.

Selecting Your Perfect Nighthawk Firearm

Choosing a Nighthawk firearm is an exploration of personal taste and requirements. Our team at Advanced Arms, with its profound knowledge of Nighthawk’s diverse offerings, stands ready to assist you in finding the firearm that aligns with your needs.

Firearm Maintenance and Care

To maintain the impeccable quality of your Nighthawk firearm, consistent care is paramount. Advanced Arms brings forth an array of cleaning kits and tools tailored for Nighthawk firearms. Coupled with expert advice from our team, ensure that your firearm remains in prime condition, reflecting the craftsmanship that Nighthawk Custom embodies.