Dive into the rich legacy of Henry Repeating Arms with Advanced Arms – your premier destination for iconic, American-made firearms. Synonymous with precision, quality, and patriotic zeal, Henry Repeating Arms stands tall as America’s foremost lever-action gunmaker. Every firearm that emerges from the Henry workshop encapsulates the brand’s enduring motto: “Made in America, Or Not Made At All.” With Advanced Arms, you are not just acquiring a firearm; you’re embracing a slice of American heritage.

Henry’s Timeless Collection

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, a shooting enthusiast, or someone appreciating the beauty of finely crafted guns, Henry’s extensive range has something for everyone.

Lever-Action Mastery

From the signature Golden Boy rimfire, known as “the gun that brings out the West in you,” to the Henry Big Boy, a favorite among brush hunters and cowboy action shooters, Henry’s lever-action rifles are timeless classics.

Diverse Offerings

Whether you’re looking for the utility of the Henry US Survival AR-7, the nostalgia of the original Henry rifle, or the singular Henry Lever Action .410 bore shotgun, you’ll find a firearm crafted with passion and precision.

Special Tributes

Henry’s tribute rifles honor various American heroes, from military veterans to first responders. For corporations, the Henry Corporate Editions offer a unique way to mark milestones with the company logo proudly displayed on a Henry rifle.

A Glimpse into Henry’s Legacy

Founded in 1996 by Louis and Anthony Imperato in Brooklyn, New York, Henry Repeating Arms is an embodiment of American tenacity and innovation. Although it borrows its name from Benjamin Tyler Henry – the genius behind the first repeating rifle, the contemporary Henry Repeating Arms is a separate entity, brought to life by Anthony Imperato’s vision and dedication.

Henry’s commitment to quality and service has earned it numerous awards, including accolades from the American Business Awards and the NRA. Their consistent excellence in firearm design and customer service has made them a favorite among firearm enthusiasts across the nation.

Choosing the Right Firearm

Choosing the right firearm is a blend of purpose, personal preference, and comfort. At Advanced Arms, we’ll walk you through our diverse Henry Repeating Firearms lineup, ensuring you select a model that aligns seamlessly with your shooting needs and style. Trust in our expertise to guide you toward the impeccable craftsmanship and historical resonance that Henry Repeating Firearms offer.

Maintain Your Henry Legacy

A Henry firearm is a lifetime companion, and to ensure its longevity, proper care is paramount. At Advanced Arms, we offer specialized cleaning tools and kits tailored for Henry firearms. Whether you seek guidance on routine maintenance or storage insights, our team is always here to assist.