Discover the Italian Craftsmanship: Chiappa Firearms at Advanced Arms

Embrace the blend of traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern innovation with Advanced Arms – your prime destination for unparalleled firearms. Chiappa Firearms, an illustrious name in the global firearms sector, celebrates its heritage of crafting premium pistols and shotguns since 1958. With Advanced Arms, you’re not just purchasing a firearm; you’re acquiring a piece of Italian legacy.

Chiappa’s Rich Array

Chiappa’s diverse portfolio offers a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Catering to diverse needs, from self-defense to sporting activities, every firearm is a testimony to Chiappa’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

Historical Reproductions

Re-live history with Chiappa’s reproductions of iconic American and muzzle-loading firearms.

Lever-Action Marvels

Experience hunting like never before with Chiappa’s lever-action rifles, perfect for enthusiasts and pros alike.

Rimfire Excellence

Chiappa’s .17 and .22 rimfire pistols and rifles are the epitome of precision and reliability.

Signature Offerings

Chiappa’s famed Rhino revolvers are a testament to their dedication to innovation. Additionally, their range of signal, alarm, and compressed air pistols offer diverse options for every firearm enthusiast.

The Chiappa Odyssey

Initiated in 1958 by Ezechiele (Oscar) Chiappa in the firearm-focused region of Brescia, Chiappa began as Armi Sport, a modest artisan workshop. With unwavering dedication, superior technical expertise, and the visionary leadership of President Rino Chiappa, the company transformed into the global powerhouse. Chiappa’s commitment to precision is evident in every phase of their production. From CNC machining for robust steel components to meticulous gun barrel manufacturing, die-casting, heat treatments, and intricate surface finishes, every process reflects Chiappa’s passion for excellence.

Chiappa’s Assurance of Excellence

Every Chiappa firearm is a masterpiece that undergoes rigorous quality checks before reaching you. The intricate balance of cutting-edge technology and age-old craftsmanship guarantees that when you purchase a Chiappa firearm from Advanced Arms, you’re investing in unparalleled quality.

Preserving Your Chiappa Heritage

To maintain the pristine condition of your Chiappa firearm, Advanced Arms offers specialized cleaning tools and kits tailored for Chiappa products. From maintenance guidance to storage solutions, our team is always here to assist.