Dive deep into the world of Rizzini with Advanced Arms, your dedicated supplier for this renowned Italian brand. Founded in 1966 by Battista Rizzini of Brescia, Italy, Rizzini encapsulates the essence of intricate Italian craftsmanship combined with the pursuit of perfection in firearms manufacturing. Advanced Arms proudly showcases a diverse range of Rizzini’s handcrafted firearms, from exquisite side-by-sides to elegant over-and-unders. Every Rizzini firearm promises unparalleled performance, catering to both seasoned marksmen and budding enthusiasts. Explore our curated Rizzini collection and discover the exemplary standards that this brand consistently upholds. Embark on your Advanced Arms and Rizzini adventure now.

Rizzini Firearm Range

Rizzini, a paragon in the firearms realm, boasts a versatile selection of premium shotguns and rifles.


Delve into the unparalleled finesse of Rizzini shotguns, adored by avid hunters and competitive shooters alike. Known for their impeccable precision and solid construction, these shotguns stand ready to deliver even in the most demanding scenarios.


Rizzini rifles are the epitome of accuracy and trustworthiness. Serving a broad spectrum of shooting disciplines, from adventurous hunts to precision shooting contests, Rizzini rifles stand out with their unmatched performance.

Rizzini’s Tradition and Craftsmanship

Established in 1966, Rizzini’s name has become emblematic of uncompromising quality, intricate design, and stellar performance. The bedrock of Rizzini’s reputation is its intertwining of age-old craftsmanship with modern innovations. Every firearm birthed in Rizzini’s quarters is more than just a tool – it’s a historical artifact, rich in tradition yet forward-facing in its capabilities.

Selecting the Ideal Rizzini Firearm

Choosing the perfect firearm is an intimate endeavor. Let the experts at Advanced Arms accompany you on this journey. Grasping your specific needs, preferences, and experience, we’ll assist you in perusing our extensive Rizzini lineup.

Firearm Maintenance and Care

Preserving the pristine nature and functionality of your Rizzini firearm demands regular care and maintenance. Advanced Arms provides an assortment of cleaning equipment and accessories tailored for your firearm’s upkeep. Moreover, our seasoned team stands ready to impart wisdom on everything from cleaning methods to best storage practices for your cherished Rizzini piece.