Explore the narrative of Dan Wesson with Advanced Arms, your premier destination for exceptional firearms. Emanating from America’s heartland and fortified by its very spirit, Dan Wesson firearms embody dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. From the genius of world-class revolvers to today’s 1911 standards, Dan Wesson seamlessly marries the essence of American craftsmanship with state-of-the-art firearm technology.

Dan Wesson’s Exquisite Firearm Collection

Embrace the rich heritage and innovation of Dan Wesson as you delve into a lineup of firearms that epitomize precision, performance, and timeless elegance.

Revolvers: Where the Legacy Began

Tracing back to Daniel B. Wesson’s vision in 1968, the Model 12, .357 Magnum set the stage. Following in its footsteps, the groundbreaking model 15 and model 715 showcased the ingenious switch barrel design, allowing gun enthusiasts to adapt barrel lengths from the comfort of their homes. The 1977 Large Frame 44 Magnum and the 1982 SuperMag frame series further solidified Dan Wesson’s reputation as the gold standard in revolvers.

1911s: Modern Marvels of Craftsmanship 

Venturing into new horizons, the year 2000 marked Dan Wesson’s debut into the realm of 1911s. Under the aegis of CZ-USA since 2005, the brand introduced masterpieces such as the Pointman, Heirloom, and the formidable 10mm Specialist, setting unparalleled benchmarks for American-made 1911s.

Quality: The Dan Wesson Promise

With roots dating back to 1852, when the legacy began with D. B. Wesson, Dan Wesson’s journey is paved with innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to superior quality. Today, nestled under CZ-USA, Dan Wesson continues to thrive, championing the ethos of American craftsmanship in every firearm.

Choosing the Right Dan Wesson

Selecting Your Perfect Dan Wesson Firearm With Advanced Arms by your side, immerse yourself in the Dan Wesson experience. Our experts guide you, ensuring your chosen firearm mirrors your aspirations, all while upholding the storied legacy of Dan Wesson.

Firearm Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the Grandeur of Your Dan Wesson Firearm Every Dan Wesson creation demands meticulous care to retain its grandeur. Trust in Advanced Arms for expertly curated cleaning kits and unparalleled guidance, ensuring your firearm remains a testament to its storied legacy.