Welcome to the realm of Century Arms at Advanced Arms. With a history dating back to 1961, Century Arms has been importing and manufacturing military-grade firearms for civilian use. Known for their robust design and affordability, Century Arms offers an extensive range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Century Arms Firearms Collection

At Advanced Arms, we offer a broad range of Century Arms firearms, each tailored for specific applications.


These pistols, ranging from modern semi-automatics to unique historical reproductions, are recognized for their dependability and effective performance. Despite their compact form factor, these pistols pack significant firepower, making them perfect for personal defense and tactical applications.


These firearms boast rugged construction, engineered to handle even the most challenging conditions while maintaining their exceptional precision. The range encompasses models inspired by classic military designs, alongside traditionally-styled bolt-action rifles.

Century Arms Ammunition

Century Arms’ commitment to excellence extends to its ammunition line. Providing optimal performance and consistency for a range of shooting activities, our selection encompasses diverse calibers and bullet types. Whether you engage in hunting, target shooting, or need ammunition for self-defense, Advanced Arms offers reliable and high-performing Century Arms ammunition to meet your shooting needs.

Parts and Accessories

Beyond firearms and ammunition, we offer a wide selection of Century Arms parts and accessories. These products are designed to enhance your shooting experience and maintain the condition of your equipment. Our range includes everything from essential spare parts for routine maintenance to functional accessories that augment your firearm’s capabilities. Whether you need scope mounts for your rifle, extended magazines for your pistol, Advanced Arms stands as your all-inclusive resource for all your Century Arms needs.

Choosing the Right Century Arm Firearm

Choosing the ideal firearm is a highly personal decision, and at Advanced Arms, our expert team is dedicated to assisting you throughout this journey. Understanding your unique needs, shooting preferences, and experience level, we are here to guide you through our vast Century Arms collection.

Firearm Care and Maintenance

Preserving the optimal performance and quality of your Century Arms firearm is essential, necessitating consistent care and maintenance. At Advanced Arms, we offer a variety of cleaning kits and tools specifically crafted to ensure your firearm remains in excellent condition.