Navigating the world of competition wing shooting requires not only skill and precision but also a deep understanding of the tools of the trade. As shooters refine their craft, the choice of shotgun becomes paramount, with each type offering unique advantages tailored to the competitive arena.

Let’s examine Wingshooting weapons and how to choose the weapon to meet your needs.

Over-Under Shotguns

Within the competitive circuits of wing shooting, Over-Under shotguns stand out as the gold standard for many enthusiasts and professionals. Their stacked barrels provide a seamless balance in hand, which is vital for tracking fast-moving clays. The capability to use two different chokes allows shooters to adapt rapidly to changing target presentations, making them a versatile asset in varied disciplines. With a quick break action and immediate access to both chambers, Over-Under shotguns perfectly blend tradition with peak performance.

Semi-Automatic Shotguns

For competitors seeking reduced recoil and the ability for swift follow-up shots, semi-automatic shotguns prove to be a popular choice. Their self-loading mechanism ensures a fluid shooting rhythm, particularly in disciplines demanding rapid firing sequences. With technological advancements, modern semi-automatics have achieved impressive levels of reliability, making them a robust contender in the competitive arena. Plus, their typically larger ammunition capacity can be a distinct advantage in certain shooting scenarios.

Sporting/Trap Shotguns

In the world of trap shooting, where precision and consistency reign supreme, Single Barrel Break Action shotguns find their stronghold. Designed for the singular purpose of shattering one clay at a time, these shotguns epitomize focus and reliability. With fewer moving parts and a single optimized choke, they provide shooters with a consistent performance, shot after shot, making them a favorite for those seeking undistracted excellence. We carry a complete line of shotguns for sporting clays and trap.

Pump-Action Shotguns

Merging reliability with affordability, Pump-Action shotguns offer competitors a unique rhythm in wing shooting events. Their manual cycling action, while not as fast as semi-automatics, introduces an element of tactile engagement and control over each shot. Especially popular among American shooters, pump-actions are a testament to the idea that skill and technique can elevate any tool to competitive greatness.

Side-by-Side Shotguns

Echoing the rich traditions of game shooting, Side-by-Side shotguns offer a nostalgic touch to competitive shooting. With their twin horizontal barrels, they offer a broad sight plane, enabling shooters to maintain a wider visual on their targets. While not as predominant in high-stakes competitions as their Over-Under counterparts, these shotguns are cherished for their classic aesthetics and the unique challenges they present, ensuring competitors stand out both in performance and style.

At Advanced Arms, we recognize the profound relationship between a shooter and their chosen firearm, especially in the competitive realm. Our commitment is to guide enthusiasts and competitors alike in finding the perfect match, ensuring every shot echoes with precision, passion, and expertise.

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