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Intro to National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms & devices

Advanced Arms offers a range of NFA items and has the expertise to advise you on selecting an item and guiding you from start to finish on the purchase, transfer, and ownership process. Stop in and talk with one of our sales associates, it would be our pleasure to help you make an informed and educated decision!

Advanced Arms is one of the few shops in PA. that owns and utilizes the new Silencer Shop kiosk to register you for NFA items and eliminates the old paper process by using all electronic submittals to speed up the wait time!

What is the NFA?

The National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 is the law that regulates the sale and possession of certain types of firearms and devices. This law was enacted in response to what is known as the roaring 1920’s. It did not ban these firearms outright, but instead created registration with a federal agency, and required a tax be paid to the government upon transfer it.

Why purchase NFA?

NFA items are a lot of fun to own and worth the processes involved for those who are interested.

Beyond that, suppressors, also called silencers, will help preserve your hearing. If you are shooting outside, suppressors will help keep you from doing permanent damage to your hearing, as well as not irritate the neighbors with the sound. Suppressors are legal to use when hunting in PA.

Short barrel rifles are lighter and much easier to maneuver with, as are short barrel shotguns.

When a silencer is installed on a short barrel rifle, your overall length will be similar to that of a standard size rifle and it will be much quieter.

.22 caliber rifles and pistols with silencers give you the ability to teach new shooters without damaging their hearing or causing them to develop a flinch.

Types of NFA items

Meaning any firearm that fires more than one round with a single pull of the trigger. A separate law that was enacted in 1986 bans machine guns from being manufactured for civilian sales, so the legal, transferable machine guns that anyone can own are limited and very expensive.

A $200 tax is required to be paid to the BATFE in order to transfer one to you.

or SBS’s, are shotguns with barrels shorter than 18” with the ability to legally have a butt stock on them.

A $200 tax is required to be paid to the BATFE in order to transfer one to you.

Items such as a modern cannon, hand grenades, or other explosive devices. There are a very few “normal” firearms that are considered Destructive Devices by the BATFE, such as a “Street Sweeper” Shotgun, which are no longer manufactured.

A $200 tax is required to be paid to the BATFE in order to transfer one to you.

or SBR’s, are rifles with barrels shorter than 16”.

A $200 tax is required to be paid to the BATFE in order to transfer one to you.

Also known as silencers, are devices attached to or part of the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash generated by firing.

A $200 tax is required to be paid to the BATFE in order to transfer one to you.

Also known as AOW’s, are firearms that don’t fit neatly into other categories. These include “cane guns”, “pen guns”, and shotguns with very short barrels that have never had a butt stock on them.

AOW’s only require a $5.00 tax, but they can be fairly limited in usefulness…for instance, a shotgun sold as an AOW may never have a butt stock on it.

NFA Simplified

Welcome to the start of your NFA Process! It’s an exciting time, but requires patience! This is a simple, comprehensive, step-by-step guide as to what to expect with your NFA Process from start to finish broken down into steps:

  • Download the SilencerShop App on your Smart Device from your App Store.
  • Once downloaded, create an account utilizing an email you have regular access to.
  • Once your account is created, you will receive a QR Code via email to be used at the SilencerShop Kiosk.
  • Stop by Advanced Arms to use the SilencerShop Kiosk to gather your fingerprints, as well as answer the BATFE Form 4 Questions.
    1. From here, you choose if you are completing it as an Individual or Trust.
  • Once completed, all the information will transfer to your account. From there you can take your required photograph as well (on App).
  • After you completed the work on the Kiosk, you simply log in to SilencerShop on their website (silencershop.com), select Advanced Arms as your preferred dealer, and shop away!
  • You will pay everything through SilencerShop, including your Tax Stamp!
  • SilencerShop will assign you a serial number for the item you purchased, and your wait time begins!
  • Keep eye on that e-mail! SilencerShop may reach out to you if an additional signature is required for the Form 4!
  • Once the ATF approves the Form 4, and Advanced Arms receives the Tax Stamp, Advanced Arms will notify you by e-mail, so you know when to come by and pick up your long-awaited NFA Item!

And that’s it! The SilencerShop Kiosk streamlines the NFA Process to keep wait times to a minimal! It’s an easy process that just requires a little patience!


  • Do I need to use the Kiosk every time I purchase an NFA Item?

a. Not at all! Since your fingerprints are your fingerprints forever, that won’t need to be updated. The app keeps that information attached to your account. You just have to update your photograph every 365 days. You do have to pay the Tax Stamp every time, though.

  • Does the ATF have a right to come into my house to check my NFA Items?

a. This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. As a consumer, the ATF has no right to enter your home to just “check in” on NFA items that you own. As a Class III Dealer, we are susceptible to audits by the ATF, but not you as the consumer.

  • Do I need a Tax Stamp for the guns I will put my silencer on?

a. Not at all! The only item that is subject to the NFA Tax Stamp, is just the NFA item itself.

  • I’m building an NFA item that requires a BATFE Form 1. Can I use the Kiosk for that?

a. Sadly, not. Form 1 services are not offered through the Kiosk at this time.

We thank you for choosing Advanced Arms as your preferred NFA dealer! Any other questions can be brought to the attention of a staff member at Advanced Arms!