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Graffunder Safe & Vault

Founded in 1968, Graffunder Safe and Vault is a quality over quantity safe company.

Graffunder Safe and Vault Doors have been a leader and innovator in the physical security industry.
They have established an unequalled reputation of quality by supplying safes and vault doors to markets such as residential, commercial, banking, and jewelry industries.

Combining old world craftsmanship, heavy steel, true precision, and modern technology, Graffunder offers a complete line of weapons storage vaults, multipurpose safes, and vault doors like no other…….they are truely in a league of their own!!

If a high quality safe is in your future………be careful not to buy the illusion of security.
Take some time to review the information provided here and be sure to stop in to see how a REAL safe is built!

Advanced Arms, LLC has the tools, equipment, and expertise to deliver safes as heavy as 6000 Lbs!

The illusion of security....Don’t let this happen to you!

Below is one of the “LEADING” / “TOP” gun safes in America.... Breeched in 1 minute 30 seconds
Video - Security on Sale - Courtesy of the Rouge Safe Company - Medford, Or