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In order to complete your online transfer process, please follow these steps:

1. Contact Advanced Arms prior to shipping, as we do not accept transfers of firearms we have or can obtain.

2. Send an email to: mail.advancedarms@gmail.com with your contact information, the firearm information, the order number, and an email address to where we can get in contact with the seller.

3. Once the firearm arrives, Advanced Arms must log the firearm in to the Federal Acquisition and Disposition books, in accordance with Federal Law. Once that is complete, Advanced Arms will notify you that your transfer is ready to be picked up.

4. Once the background check is completed, the purchaser will be responsible for a Transfer Fee of $39 plus sales tax.

**NOTE** Online transfers can be sent to Advanced Arms if the firearm is used or something that is not present or cannot obtained. Transfer of a new firearm that can be obtained by Advanced Arms will NOT be accepted and returned to sender